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Sep 10, 2019


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5 reasons to offer exit planning now

How and When Should I Exit My Business?

If you haven’t been approached by business-owning clients asking this question, you either will soon, or never will because your clients are asking other advisors about these services.  If a client approached you and said, “I need a plan to exit my business, or I'm thinking about exiting my business. Can you design and implement a comprehensive Exit Plan for them? How would you respond? The number 1 mistake that some advisors make is to speak to the clients questions about exit planning, in the context of their primary service offerings, or they speak in generalities and "what if" scenarios that can signal to their client or prospect, that they are not the advisor that can get them on the right path to a successful transition?  The possible unintended consequence is that the client or prospect goes to another advisor, who will benefit by exposing the client or prospect to their primary services? What if you could align your client or prospect with an Exit Planning Advisor who can help them put together a well thought out and comprehensive exit plan? You continue to be viewed as the trusted advisor who delivers added value to your client. You've also opened the door to many of the Primary Services required for an Exit Plan to be successful, which you can deliver proficiently to the client, as well as their successors or acquirers.

Let’s look at five reasons why you should be having conversations about CORE Exit Planning Services with your clients, in addition to your primary services. 


The demand for Exit Planning is exceptionally high, so high that there probably aren’t enough Exit Planners to fill the demand for Exit Planning services today. According to The BEI (Business Enterprise Institute) 2016 Business Owner Survey Report, 79% of business owners want to exit their businesses within the next 10 years and 80% say that a successful exit will result from planning, but only 17% have a written Exit Plan. Additionally, 89% of owners have talked to someone—whether a family member or an advisor—about their business exits. Given the demand for Exit Planning services and the relative dearth of Exit Planners in the market, you have the opportunity to benefit from the Exit Planning market long before it’s become saturated. Most owners simply don’t know where to start with Exit Planning. Be the answer to their question.


Exit Planning provides new revenue streams for your primary practice. An association with an Exit Planner supports and bolsters, rather than replaces your primary services. Based on demand, Exit Planning can be a boon for your bottom line. For current clients, Exit Planning becomes a value-added service provided by an advisor whom they already trust, allowing you to collect additional fees for your in-demand services. For prospective clients, Exit Planning can be the key to attracting business owners who would have had no reason to seek you out for your primary services, because they already work with someone else in your field.


Exit Planning is a team effort. No one advisor has the time, expertise, or resources to craft a comprehensive Exit Plan alone. Through your association with a CORE Exit Planning Advisor, you’ll have the opportunity to network with professionals outside of your field and pool your individual expertise to create a comprehensive Exit Plan for your clients. Assembling a top-notch Advisor Team can lead to referrals from other firms, creating a lucrative symbiotic relationship between you and members of your Advisor Team.


Most advisors don’t ask their clients about Exit Planning because they either don’t know that owners demand it, or they don’t have a process to create an actionable Exit Plan. The CORE Seven Step Exit Planning Process can help you stand out among your peers because it provides tools, strategies, and personalized assistance to help you start the Exit Planning conversation, play and integral part in creating individualized Exit Plans, profit from your work, and establish your firm as a thought leader in Exit Planning. You become a valued source to fill the Exit Planning needs of your client, which can lead to clients funneling into your core practice and referrals based on your ability to provide specialized and highly sought-after services. Best of all, the Exit Planning Process is owner-centric, giving you the freedom to market your practice as one motivated by your clients’ needs over your financial wants.


Given that a vast majority of business owners are baby boomers, time is an issue on three fronts. First, comprehensive Exit Plans usually take 3–10 years to implement fully. Second, client age makes a difference in how you and your Advisor Team approach a comprehensive Exit Plan. Third, as the demand for Exit Planning peaks, it’s safe to project that more advisors will throw their hats into the Exit Planning arena. All of these factors combined ought to serve as motivation to start an association with an Exit Planning Advisory Firm, sooner rather than later. CORE Strategic Business Solutions would like to be that firm. We’ve walked in the shoes of your business owner clients, from the acquisition of multiple businesses, through the growth and development of those business and the successful transition of those businesses, we bring real world experience and expertise to every client engagement. Our approach and process enhances the opportunities for our Strategic Partners through increased need for their primary services and unique expertise.   

Exit Planning can be lucrative, profitable, and a strong marketing opportunity for your core practice. CORE Strategic Business Solutions has the tools, systems, and process to help your firm get the most out of it. Contact us or schedule a short meeting with a CORE Strategic Advisor to learn more about how Exit Planning enhances your primary practice.