Coffee and a Plan

Jun 08, 2020

I'll take a Coffee.... Black, and a Strategic Plan to go with it.

COVID-19 Debt Relief - SBA Covering 6 Months of Loan Payments for Small Business Owners

Did You Know that this SBA Debt Relief Program can help your Successor Pay for Your Business?

Did You Know that this SBA Debt Relief Program can help you buy a business (maybe a competitor or strategic acquisition) to help you scale your existing business?

And the first 6 payments are waived, that’s Principle and Interest completely waived. Just Close the loan before September 27th. 

If you’re thinking of transitioning your business, talk to us about the best ways to fund your transition or acquisition plan. 

CORE Strategic Business Solutions, we help transition your business to the buyer of your choice, for the value that you need, and on the timetable of your choosing. 

Let’s have coffee to explore your opportunities, contact us today or simply give me a call at 716-861-1591 

Check out the information on Transition Planning on our Website

Steve Baldo BEI Certified Business Transition Advisor