Find, Attract, Develop and Retain the RIGHT People

Jan 25, 2020

Where do we find good people?

How do we attract them?

What’s the best way to train and development these good people?

How do I retain these people? 

Are you finding it more difficult every day to Find, Attract, Develop and Retain good people to grow your business?

You’re not alone!!!!! RDA (Recruitment, Development and Retention) has never been more challenging.

Understanding your communication style and that of the people you work with, while acknowledging and appreciating the very real generational hurdles, is the first step to moving from RDR Mediocrity to RDR Proficiency.

At CORE Strategic Business Solutions, we help business owners and executives to become proficient in the 2 important components toward Recruiting, Developing and Retaining the right people to grow their business.

Understanding Generational Hurdles and Personal Communication Styles are the 2 foundational components to RDR Proficiency. As Certified EVERYTHING DiSC Facilitators and Advisors we can help you and your managers to develop and implement RDR Best Practices that incorporated these 2 important considerations.

Watch this EVERYTHING DiSC Management Introduction Video     


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