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Nov 23, 2017

3 Elements Of A Successful Exit

To exit successfully, owners need:

A Road Map 

Exit Planning is a process that helps owners decide where they want to go and how to get there.

Experienced Guides 

Owners must assemble a team of trained and experienced advisors to guide them through choices and decisions as they work toward their exit goals 


Success depends on a disciplined implementation timetable keyed to an owner's Exit Plan. 

Are Your Trusted Advisors Asking You About Your Plans For A Successful Exit?

Most advisors don't because they simply don't know that there is a proven Exit Planning Process, Good Exit Planning requires the coordinated efforts or a number of advisors-minimally, a CPA, Attorney, and Financial and Insurance Professional, working together as your Advisory Team which is facilitated or quarterbacked by a trained Exit Planner. 

Think of it this way. If building your dream home, you'll want a very capable Foundation Contractor, Roofer, Electrician and Plumber, amongst other experts, to review and tweak the plans as well as perform the work that they are most skilled at. However you'll want a experienced and highly skilled General Contractor or Project Manager overseeing the planning and building process to assure that it includes all of your requirements, meets all of your expectations and is finished in a timely fashion. 

Below is a quick Owner Planning Check List:     

  1. Have you decided when you want to leave your business? (i.e. March 20, 2021) Yes___ No___
  2. Have you decided how much cash or annual cash flow you will need when you exit? Yes___ No___
  3. Have you decided to whom you want to transfer your business? Yes___ No___
  4. Based on future cash flow, do you know how much your business is worth today? Yes___ No___
  5. Do you know how to best maximize the income stream generated by your ownership interest, both before and after you leave your business?Yes___ No___
  6. Do you know how to sell your business to a third party and pay the least possible taxes? Yes___ No___
  7. Do you know if your business is even marketable? Yes___ No___
  8. Do you know how to transfer your business to insiders (family, employees, or co-owners) while paying the least possible taxes and enjoying maximum financial security? Yes___ No___
  9. Do you have a plan for your business if you die or become permanently incapacitated? Yes___ No___
  10. Have you taken steps to protect your family's wealth? Yes___ No___

If you answered Yes to seven or more questions, congratulations! Your Exit Plan is likely well underway. If you would like us to review your plan, to assure its timely and successful implementation give us a call  

Three to six Yes answers mean you have a good start on you Exit Plan. Call us to coordinate the missing pieces with components already in place, to assure that each component of your plan is coordinated and executed in a timely fashion. 

If you have fewer than three Yes answers, we suggest that you schedule a meeting with us today. Your successful exit depends on a comprehensive Exit Plan facilitated by an experienced certified exit planner, who can coordinate a skilled team of advisors. 

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