Assessment of Stakeholder Culture

Step 1 of 5

  1. Our company has a comprehensive Recruiting and Onboarding process
  2. Our company has a well-designed and implemented employee (stakeholder) development process
  3. Our current employee (stakeholders) retention practices are well defined and implemented by our leadership team and all staff members
  4. Our company has a good understanding of issues, practices, and challenges of recruiting, developing and retaining employees (stakeholders) for the long term
  5. Our company possess the leadership skills and expertise to improve staff development and retention


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  1. Our company has well-defined Systems and Process in place
  2. Our systems and processes are communicated and implemented consistently
  3. There are defined and consistent consequences if our systems or processes and not followed
  4. Open dialogue is encouraged at all levels to improve on systems and processes.
  5. Difficult discussions with stakeholders who don’t follow or support our systems, standards and practices are had in a timely and consistent manor


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  1. At our company there is open communication between key leadership team members
  2. There is open and respectful communication between key departments within the organization
  3. At our company communication practices promote and encourage open and safe idea sharing
  4. Challenges and questions regarding current practices and processes are welcomed objectively
  5. At our company direction is given in a constructive manor


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  1. At our company there is transparency around the financial condition of the company
  2. There is transparence around Expenses and Expense Management
  3. There is transparency around Goals, Objectives, and Progress
  4. There is transparency around Controllable vs. Not Within Our Control Elements
  5. There is Transparency around long term vision and goals and objectives for the company


Step 5 of 5

  1. I currently possess all the skill sets, experience and competencies to continuously improve the value of our company
  2. I personally need to improve my skills and competency to help improve the value of our company
  3. I feel that our company is willing to invest in my continued development.


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