Build & Preserve Value

The elements that build the value of a business or preserve the value that you have worked so hard to create (and that buyers will pay for) are called Value Drivers. Value Drivers include a stabel and motivated management team, a realistic growth strategy, and operating systems that improve the sustainability of cash flow. In this Component, you and your advisors identify which Value Drivers in your business are important to meeting you objective and design strategies to protect the tangible value of your business.

  1. Is your company's future performance insulated from the departure of one or more key employees?
  2. Do you have a management team capable of running the company in your absence?
  3. Are key employees/managers incentivized to increase the value of your company?
  4. Do your current compensation programs promote the retention of key employees/managers?
  5. Will company performance or your plans to exit the business remain unchanged if one or more of your key employees dies or leaves suddenly?
  6. Have you completed an employee compensation review and analysis in the last 12 months?
  7. Does your company have a qualified retirement plan that is well matched to your employee incentive and retention goals?
  8. Does your company have an established and diverse customer base?
  9. Do you have a realistic, documented growth strategy that aligns with your overall business and Exit Plan?
  10. Does your company have effective financial controls to monitor and minimize expenses and maximize profits?
  11. Have you done anything to transition your management responsibilities to others so that they are ready to take over your business when you are ready to leave it?
  12. Have you taken steps to protect your most valuable business assets (e.g., having key employees sign covenants not to compete or limiting access to trade secrets?
  13. Have you taken steps to isolate risk to protect business value?
  14. Do you periodically review and adjust your strategies to minimize taxes upon an eventual sale or transfer of the business?
  15. Is more than 20% of your revenue derived from one customer or client?
  16. How often do you produce a Profit and Loss Financial Statement
  17. Are more than 20% of your supplies and/or goods supplied by one vender or supplier?
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