Business Model Canvas

With this assessment you'll be able to evaluate your company based on the 9 components of The Business Model Canvas used to define and align your business for sustainable growth. 

Step 1 of 9

  1. Is the core value that you deliver to your audience clearly defined
  2. Is the need that you satisfy well defined
  3. How Unique is the primary value that you offer your audience?


Step 2 of 9

  1. How defined are the groups that you create value for?
  2. How defined is you most important and most valuable audience?


Step 3 of 9

  1. Are the channels that your audience prefer to be reached with, well defined?
  2. Do you know which 3 channels work the best to reach your audience?
  3. Do you know the cost of the 3 best channels?
  4. Do you know how to integrate these channels into your audience routines?


Step 4 of 9

  1. Have you defined the relationship that your audience expects to have with you?
  2. Have you defined how you can integrate that relationship in to work in terms of cost and format?


Step 5 of 9

  1. How confident are you as to what are the most important costs in your work?
  2. Have you defined what the most expensive key resources are?


Step 6 of 9

  1. Have you researched or evaluated the value that your audience is willing to pay for the value that you offer?
  2. Have you researched how and what your potential audience will be paying for the services you offer?
  3. Have you researched how your audience would prefer to pay?
  4. Have you defined how much every revenue stream contributes to the overall revenue?
  5. What % of your revenue stream is recurring or subscription based?


Step 7 of 9

  1. Have you defined the key resources that your value proposition requires
  2. Have you identified alternative suppliers for the key resources to deliver your value proposition?


Step 8 of 9

  1. Have you defined the key activities that your value proposition require?
  2. Have you defined the activities that are most important for your distribution channels, customer relationships and revenue streams?


Step 9 of 9

  1. Have you defined and aligned yourself with key partners and suppliers?
  2. Have you defined the most important motivations for you partnership?


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