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At COREwe consider Consistent...Original...Repeatable...Execution to be the 4 Foundational Pillars for Starting, Growing and Developing a Successful and Valuable Business   

At some level, many business owners are already applying these 4 principles, it takes about 12 to 15 minutes to complete this assessment, which will give you an idea of how and in what area you can be strategic about applying these principles to growing and increase the value of your business.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the very best, how would you rate your organization or company in these areas?

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  1. We hold Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Management meetings, which are held at a specific day and time each period.
  2. We hold Daily One on One meetings at all levels….DAILY.
  3. Through our words and actions, Owners and Principles of the company demonstrate a consistent culture that is apparent and credible in the eyes of our people, customers and venders
  4. Our people feel empowered to take action to correct an issue in a timely and consistent fashion.
  5. Our people feel comfortable questioning the status quo in order to improve on processes, or an employee or customer experience


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  1. We are Proactive in creating differences between us and our competitors.
  2. Our Branding is well thought out and delivers a defining and appealing message.
  3. Our customers/clients and employees are able to communicate the differentiating factors about our company, with ease.
  4. Our people feel valued and believe that they play a role in what makes us stand out in the market place.
  5. We are known for something that makes us stand out from our competitors


Step 3 of 4

  1. We have written processes, best practices and goals for each profit center within our company.
  2. Our processes are written down and easily trained and duplicated at every level.
  3. We deliver an exceptional and consistent customer experience which employees and customers can rely on.
  4. Our operation runs as smoothly and efficiently when I or Key Managers are not at the helm as it does when we are present.
  5. We have a set of Key Performance Indicators for each profit center in our company and monitor them on a consistent bases
  6. Our production managers understand the KPIs for their area of responsibility and engage their entire staff in achieving these mile stones


Step 4 of 4

  1. Action Plans are made, communicated to all levels, set in motion immediately upon the consensus of managers, and sustained until achieving our desired results.
  2. Once implemented, our processes are consistent and sustainable, with very little erosion.
  3. All staff members know and can execute their role and assist the others on their team.
  4. Our management team evokes a sense of ownership amongst all staff members to inspire a take action attitude across all areas of the business.
  5. The owners and key management of the business are good at delegating responsibility, empowerment and trust at all levels of management


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