Mini Exit Value Drivers Assessment

Run your business like you're going to own it forever!  

Build your business like you're going to sell it tomorrow!

When you focus on the Key Value Drivers of your business you create the greatest value for Continued Ownership, An Inside Transfer or a sale of your business to a Third Party. 

This assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete and will give you a snap shot of your current standing as it relates to:

  • Your Exit Objectives 
  • Your Post Exit Income Needs 
  • Business Operational Considerations 
  • Business Value at Transfer. 



  1. Have you established the date (e.g., May 1, 2027) on which you wish to stop working in and for your business?
  2. Do you know how much money you may need, annually, after you leave your business to live a comfortable post-business life?
  3. Have you chosen your Exit Path and/or successor?
  4. Do you have strategies in place to increase your company's current cash flow?
  5. Do you know how much money you will need from the sale or transfer of your business to meet your financial objectives?
  6. Do you know how much income your personal financial assets will likely generate beginning on your planned business exit/retirement date?
  7. Successful owners understand how to capitalize on their companies' future business opportunities. They use written business plans to relentlessly pursue their goals and clearly communicate to all employees how their actions and responsibilities contribute to their companies' performances. Does your company have a similar approach and business plan?
  8. Owners of best-in-class companies act swiftly to minimize or eliminate major threats and risks to their businesses. Threats include loss of key employees, trade secrets, proprietary information/technology, and key customers, as well as competitive risks arising from the development of new technologies. Have you assessed and addressed all threats facing your company?
  9. Buyers look and pay well for companies with motivated and longstanding key employees. Unless key employees are able to run the business without the owner, the company is neither sustainable nor salable to a buyer, employees, or the owner's children. Can your key management team run your company in your absence?
  10. Failing to anticipate the income tax consequences you will incur upon the sale of your company can result in a tax liability that will force you to stay at the helm years longer than you anticipated. Best-in-class company owners begin tax-minimization planning years before they transfer or sell their ownership. Have you done everything legally possible to minimize the taxes you'll pay when you leave your company?
  11. A key component of any successful business is its development and use of efficient operating systems, processes, and procedures, such as marketing, human resources, production, sales, lead generation, financial systems, and customer service. Without systems, a business can neither expand effectively nor operate without its owner. Does your company have the systems necessary for a successor to operate it successfully?
  12. Successful businesses are financially strong, and their owners constantly monitor timely and accurate financial controls. Without controls and reviews, it is impossible to maximize cash flow, minimize expenses, or develop and implement a plan to grow business value. Do you understand and constantly use your company's financial information to improve performance and cash flow?
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