Personal & Business Financial Resources

Establishing and verifying the value of your business, and its future cash flow will assure that your exit plan is executed based on accurate data. This assessment will help to identify areas related to value and possibly any value gap that may need to be addressed.    

  1. Do you know the current value range of your business?
  2. If your are considering an inside transfer of your business do you feel that your successor will have sufficient funds to purchase the business?
  3. Do you know the projected cash flow your business will likely generate over the next few years?
  4. Do you know what value you will need from your business to meet you financial objectives?
  5. If there is a shortfall between the value you will need from your business and its current value, do you have a written plan to achieve the necessary growth in value?
  6. Do you know what income your personal financial resources will likely generate beginning on the planned business exit/retirement date?
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