Personal Wealth & Estate Planning

Business owners are unique in the world of personal wealth and estate planning because their businesses typically represent a significant portion of both their personal net worth and their annual income. If you have children active in your business, your planning is even more complex. In this component, we will create a well-balanced plan that addresses (a) protecting personal assets, (b) managing wealth both now and in the future, and (c) promotion harmony in the family.

  1. Have you taken steps to protect your family's wealth from unnecessary tax liabilities and investment market volatility?
  2. Have you done any planning to ensure that your family receives the full value of your company if you don't survive?
  3. Have you considered gifting business interest today to eliminate or reduce future tax liability?
  4. Do you have a plan to protect your personal assets from personal and business liabilities?
  5. Have you reviewed your current life insurance to confirm that it is sufficient to satisfy the needs of your family and estate?
  6. Do you have a personal wealth accumulation plan?
  7. Does your estate plan clearly reflect your desires about the ownership, control, and ultimate disposition of your business interest?
  8. Will your family's long-term financial needs be met if you were to die unexpectedly?
  9. At your death, will any real estate interest associated with business operations be resolved according to your wishes?
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