Selling Your Company to a Third Party

Preparation for the sale of a business to a third-party buyer and the completion of the transaction itself require focus, planning, and stamina. Many business owners do not realize the complexity and details involved in a third-party sale until they are well into negotiations. We will help you take the appropriate steps before you put your business on the market so that the sale process can be as organized and efficient as possible. In doing so, we can reduce stress on both you and your business while maximizing the likelihood that the transaction will achieve your goals.

  1. Have you ever been approached by a third party wanting to buy your business?
  2. Have you prepared your company for sale by completing pre-sale due diligence and addressing all issues identified?
  3. Is there a formal process in place to reduce your company's debt in preparation for sale?
  4. Is there a formal plan in place to incentivize key employees to remain with the company through a transition to a new owner?
  5. Have you estimated the taxes that would result from various sale structures?
  6. Are you aware of whether companies in your industry are selling and for what multiples?
  7. Do you understand which non-financial features of your company would attract a purchaser?
  8. Have you identified potential buyers who would benefit from purchasing your company?
  9. Have you decided on a date (i.e. March 1st, 2027) when you would like complete the sale of your company?
  10. Have you identified what you intend to do, i.e. stay working for the business, completely retire and play golf, pursue new business interests, travel once the sale of your business is complete?
  11. Have you identified any potential buyers for your business?
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