Sample Business Continuity Instructions

Who should we call on that? 

Where are those documents? 

What should we do about this? 

Does anyone know the combination to the safe?

Who do we contact at the bank? Who should call the Bank? Who has the Bank Loan Agreements?

This is a vary small sampling of the questions that are left unanswered when a business owner is unexpectedly incapacitated or dies without documenting the where, what, when, how and who of their business. It can cause great turmoil for the Business and Family members if those that are left behind have to struggle with out direction, with the everyday actions that the business owner acted on intuitively. Many businesses and family members have been devastated by the lack of knowledge and direction related to these areas and many others, after a business owner is gone. 

When executed and updated on a routine bases this one document can give the business owner, their succeeding leadership team and the business owner's family, great piece of mind.

Just imagine the relief that you'll feel as a business owner to know that your thoughts, wishes and directions are documented to serve as the life line and road map for those that are left behind.    

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