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We keep our franchisees poised for success by offering a proven and successful business model. Become a FastestLabs® owner today!



FastestLabs® is currently one of the fastest-growing drug, alcohol, and DNA testing lab franchises in the industry. We are always looking to expand our team of dedicated franchisees throughout the nation, especially in Texas, the Great Plains area, and throughout the South and Southwest. The process to owning your own FastestLabs® franchise is easier than you may think! In fact, no medical experience is required to own and operate a drug, alcohol, and DNA testing facility and we provide you with all of the training materials, resources, and knowledge you need to get your franchise up and running.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the franchise ownership process. We provide ongoing support for all our franchisees, building a team of empowered and successful franchise owners from coast to coast.

Why Franchise with FastestLabs®?

While owning a business is a goal for many people, turning that dream into a reality is often a difficult and complex path. Starting a business from scratch typically requires a ton of time, money, resources, knowledge, and industry experience. Making that business a successful one can be even more difficult. With FastestLabs®, we offer all the assistance you need to not only get your own business up and running but to also experience great personal and professional success. With our 10+ years of industry experience and our proven FastestLabs® operations system on your side, not to mention continual support, guidance, and training, you’ll have everything you need to own and operate your very own drug, alcohol, and DNA testing laboratory facility.

What Makes FastestLabs® Different?

  • Regular, 9-5 hours
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal employees needed
  • Nights, holidays, and weekends off
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Ongoing support from our team
  • Extensive training
  • Access to valuable resources
  • Entrance in an expanding marketplace
  • Low initial investment
  • In-demand services
  • Numerous competitive advantages
  • Solid reputation in the industry
  • And much more!

We’ve seen countless individuals achieve personal and professional success with our FastestLabs® franchise team. We are committed to not only helping you get started with your own drug, alcohol, and DNA testing lab, but also to seeing you succeed. When you choose to franchise with us, you’ll have an entire team of experienced professionals working with you to help you achieve your unique goals

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