Opportunity Profile

We have an incredible opportunity for the strong business owner in professional home inspections. Home Team knows exactly how their customers shop, selects, and values home inspection services. Our business model is based on this market insight. Which means from day one, our owners will be selling what and how customers want to buy.

From the business and financial point of view, the TEAM model is designed to create larger and more valuable businesses for the owner. Again, this is unique in the industry. While most home inspection companies are small and often one-man operations, the successful Home Team franchisee develops a 'real' business to sell, last through retirement or transfer to family members.

Clients and Real Estate professionals deeply value our timely, narrative reports and our unique approach to the walk through. Home Team appeals to the ambitious and professional businessperson because it involves working with other professionals within the local business community rather than simply selling products to the general consumer. Organizationally, they’ll be light years ahead, too. Home Team understands the desire to run a business. Our proprietary training and support give you the organizational structure to effectively manage, market, and grow their franchise.

Ideal Candidate:

·       Motivated Self-Starter

·       A Leader

·       A Strong Communicator

·       A Desire to Help People and Build Beyond Themselves

·       Able to Physically Complete an Inspection and Carry up to 50 lbs

·       Willingness to Meet New People Every Day

Our TEAM approach to home inspections is unique in the industry and will enable you prospects to immediately differentiate yourself from the competition and carve a niche out of the home Inspection marketplace. By having the ability to bring additional people to the inspection and ad revenue generating services, Home Team offers Faster and Better service than all other companies!

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