Opportunity Profile

Schooley Mitchell is the perfect home-based business for executives.  As the largest independent cost reduction consulting company in North America our network of Franchised offices serve as the outsourced expense reduction specialists to business clients.   

Our sophisticated Franchise system, which includes a comprehensive training program, state-of-the-art support systems, tremendous software tools and databases, a multi-million dollar intranet environment, and an innovative client protection system, is well established as a rising star in the world of Franchising. Our Franchisees are among the most successful of any Franchise system.

Imagine being able to save companies money in various cost centers, often substantial amounts, with no upfront expense to the business. Essentially free money to the companies. This is exactly what our franchisees are able to provide.

Our franchisees are trained on our proprietary process that saves, on average, 28% of a companies costs. Franchisees then share those savings with the company over a period of time. This results in found money for the company, at no risk to them, and substantial revenues for you as a franchisee.  This unique value proposition has resulted in savings of over $250,000,000 for our clients. 

About Us

  • Professional business - for executives
  • Low investment - US $61,500
  • Substantial revenue potential with top Franchisees over 1m annually (see FDD for details) 
  • Excellent resale potential. A recent franchise sold valued at 1.7m
  • Quick ROI
  • Huge market - businesses spend  trillions and wastage is estimated at 35%
  • Financial requirements - US$125,000 net worth and US$75,000 liquid capital


Why We Are Unique

  • Contingency model - only charge clients if savings are found - which is almost always
  • Independent of all vendors - we don't sell anything
  • Home business or small office - your choice
  • Very low overhead
  • Strong niche strategy specializing in huge area of need


What We Offer

  • Powerful software tools
  • Automated solution process
  • Enormous network negotiating power
  • Our Franchisees can have clients anywhere in North America - no geographic restrictions
  • Great support system and negotiating clout



  • Outstanding initial training course - you don't have to know telecom
  • Intensive first year coaching and mentoring program
  • Continuous training and support for all needs - forever
  • Annual Training Conference for all Franchisees

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