Opportunity Profile

STEM for Kids® provides educational enrichment in Robotics, Engineering and Computer Programming for children ages 4-14 through camps, after school programs, in-school field trips and workshops. Get great returns while bringing hands-on learning experiences in STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) with the acclaimed franchise.


STEM for Kids - Franchise

Ideal Candidate
We are looking for franchise owners who are interested in STEM and understand its role in today's economy; who are or desire to become active in their communities and are hungry to make a positive impact in young minds. People who possess an entrepreneurial agility with a drive to get results, open to learning, growing and having fun in the process. Experience in a STEM field, Sales, Business, Marketing or working with children is a plus.

Our System

  • Make a lifestyle change using our asset-lite system. Work when you want and from where you want - business management from your home office; programs at community spaces.
  • Leverage our proprietary Territory Management Process (TMP). Our processes, diligently crafted and baked with experiences, are designed to be simple yet effective in helping you set up and run a successful operation. 
  • Engage with an innovative kid-friendly curricula.The secret sauce of our business model, the curricula is born in industry and developed in-house to maximize real-world connections and educational alignment while providing fun-based learning experiences.


  • Get trained to setup your business. Initial training includes go-to market planning, organizational planning, site selection, business development, marketing, hiring, operations, accounting, IT/technology setup, program administration, lead management/conversion and customer relations.
  • Plus, training on launch curricula.We want you to succeed - receive ongoing support. Our cloud-based, STEM For Kids® proprietary curricula and the extensive Territory Management Process, are within your reach at anytime, anywhere and from any device. Regular business reviews to ensure smooth operations, uncover issues and help you with solutions.


  • Earn a livelihood or replace your current income. Enjoy multiple year-round revenue streams. 
    Choose the entry cost point to best fit your needs - Full, Lite or Quick Start territory size.
    Low cost franchise with initial investment as low as $20,000.
  • Stretch your money while delivering a high quality program. We have perfected the tools and strategies to minimize your costs. Our asset-lite model provides for a mostly variable business model that is mobile and scales as you grow.
  • Incentives. Check current incentives being offered for US Veterans, recent college graduates, teachers and under-represented minorities. 
  • Have fun while working! Discover your inner child as you have fun with our system. Learn some new skills as you work your way through our broad curricula ranging from engineering to computing to advanced manufacturing.
  • Be involved in the community. Get the satisfaction of making a positive difference in your community as you enable youth and support local schools, PTAs & community organizations. 
  • Grow with us. Become part of our emerging system and join us as we make history. Partake in the many opportunities to grow and scale your business as most national and international markets are currently available. 


Why should I own a STEM For Kids educational franchise?

  • STEM For Kids is the only national program committed to making STEM fun and real.
  • Born and raised with industry, STEM For Kids is unique in its strong ties to the real world of STEM. Programs are designed by engineers, people in the industry & educators to specifically address "so what" in a hands-on way.
  • We seamlessly integrate critical life skills - the 4Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity - in each program. 
  • STEM For Kids Franchise is innovatively structured to enable fast and cost effective deployment.
  • Learn the proven STEM For Kids business model and get trained with techniques developed by people who have been in business. 
  • An asset-lite business model - minimal fixed assets and the convenience of running a business from home.

Do you offer any special incentives?
Yes. We are currently offering incentives to veterans, qualified teachers, recent college graduates and ethnic minorities who sign a franchise agreement with us for our regular territory. 

Lately, I have been hearing about STEAM. What is it? Do you do STEAM?
STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Proponents of a balance of art with sciences have coined this term. Yes, we do STEAM. Our STEM based curricula includes a seamless integration of 4Cs - Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity - these are included so that children experience arts with STEM including language arts, history, creative expression using drawing, coloring, painting, role play, story-telling, etc. 

Will I conduct classes at my home?
No. The STEM For Kids home-based business model implies that you can operate your general administration and business management from your home office or any office of your choosing. However, programs conducted with children are delivered at an approved site like a school, faith-based center or another community space.

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