Opportunity Profile

Less than a decade ago, and at the young age of 22, Justin Strickland had worked for several quick lube companies and regardless of which company he was with he had experienced similar performance issues. After years of complaints from customers that services really weren't quick, they were overpriced, facilities weren't clean and employees lacked training; Justin set out to right these consistent wrongs and to create a new standard in higher performing locations without sacrificing high-quality service.

Strickland Brothers 10-Minute Oil Change strives to be a breath of fresh air in the quick oil-change industry and became very popular with raving fans. This drew attention from several outside investors and that $35,000 loan was turned into 14 corporate locations across 5 states bringing in nearly $8M in annual revenue in just a few short years. Regardless of the success Justin and his family has seen, the company's core values have remained the same and "Papaw's bench" is still located at every one of the locations, in honor and memory of C.W. Strickland who passed away July 19, 2014.

Strickland Brothers is a one-stop-shop for fast and friendly oil change & maintenance services. Although they are well-known for their drive-thru 10 minute oil change, they also offer a variety of professional automotive maintenance and repair services to keep their clients' vehicles running like they should.

Their mission at Strickland Brother's 10 Minute Oil Change is to exceed the expectations of every customer by setting and meeting service standards that are innovative and centered around the highest level of service, every time. They aim to provide dependable services and quality products for a fair price in a friendly, honest and accommodating environment. They will never pressure anyone to buy any service or part, or recommend any service that is not immediately needed. They take pride in providing their customers with exceptional, convenient services and fair pricing.

They understand how important family is and that's why they are dedicated to providing professional and quality services - to protect their clients' vehicles and keep their families safe. Each one of their locations have the 'Strickland Brothers' photo hanging on the wall in the waiting rooms and Papaw's bench outside where they can drink their coffee while they wait.

Not only is this attractive to their customers but to potential Franchise Owners who can rest assured that they will be provided the best possible support and guidance needed to build a successful and scalable business, because they are family!

Business Features:

1. Inclusive Inventory Model - 
This model is simple yet scalable. Whether it is oil, oil filters, drain plugs, air filters, wipers or any other maintenance item, their inventory partners have their Franchise Owners covered. One of the most difficult aspects of this industry is inventory. In most competitor models, the owner is solely responsible for counting, ordering and stocking inventory. What do you order? How much? When? Strickland Brothers vendors order products and even stock them on the shelf on behalf of the owner. They run demographic reports that show registrations of vehicles in a given radius of your specific location which tell them how much product to stock. Unlike their competitors, their vendors do not require masterpacks. Master packs are packs of filters that have to be sold in quantities of 6 or 12. These create dead stock and ultimately wasted money.

2. Maintenance Free Oil System - Their oil system simplifies their business model (less training & less equipment) so owner scan focus on scaling the business. In their model, you will have stackable totes for oil storage. With this, you still get the national buying power bulk price without having to have pumps, guns, and air regulators. In the traditional lube shops, if an air compressor breaks, you're done for the day. Not with Strickland Brothers. You don't need to be concerned with leaky oil lines, gun calibration, pumps dying, or an air compressor going down.

3. Low Build-Out Costs - Some competitors cost as high as $1M their cost averages around $250,000. Their design of their buildings are strategic to allow and to ensure the fastest oil change. In their pre-designed prototypes, they have the full functionality of a quick oil change facility without the cost. Due to them not needing the large traditional oil tanks, a full basement is not needed saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction. Not a full basement system, drive-thru, low maintenance building - less waste - stronger profit margins.

4. Hiring Made Simple - Perhaps the biggest challenge the industry faces right now is finding, training, and retaining sufficient personnel. After all, most young people don't have much interest in cars these days, and certainly don't wake up in the morning hoping to get a job at a quick-lube shop. At Strickland Brothers they have been able to hire, train and retain top-notch employees who want to grow within the company. Through their proprietary education platform, Strickland Brothers University, they make it easy to attract individuals from a broad applicant pool with no experience necessary!

5. Strategic Partnerships - They have cultivated relationships with vendors of the finest quality products on the market today. In the spirit of partnership and due to their chain's purchasing power, these vendors not only provide additional support to their Franchise Owner's through reduced pricing, but they also financially participate in marketing programs. Together they earn their customers' trust in the products they offer. They have used their corporate leverage to ensure Franchise Owners will receive the best price possible. They have negotiated every penny and ever y deal as it affects them too! Based on prior experiences, they have some of the best product pricing in the industry.

6. Full-Service Marketing - Unfortunately, not all of us are marketing professionals nor have the funds to employ a professional so they have a professional marketing team at the corporate level and they will handle marketing for each one of their Franchise Owners. Owner's just need to honor the coupons when they arrive at their location. There are very few, if any, other automotive franchise companies that offer this!

7. Technology - Their proprietary technology is industry leading and fully integrated into every aspect of the business! This one platform provides their POS System, back-office system that's linked to CARFA, CRM, marketing, reviews, auto emails, reporting, and more! They also have a mobile setting to view daily stats in real time.

Ideal Franchise Owner:

Their Franchise Owners are not auto mechanics, they are business managers! They're looking for ideal partners who want to focus on running a business. They are driven by success and want to grow into multiple units while bringing clients in their markets a service unlike anything they've experienced before.

They have to love people! Whether, managing their team or providing great customer service. They are community and family oriented and can think and dream big. They're always interested in speaking with area developers, but they understand that some people start smaller and have a solid growth plan.

  • Business Acumen
  • Approachable
  • Management experience
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Community and family oriented
  • Outgoing, great people skills
  • Passionate about providing excellent customer service
  • Multi-unit capable
  • No automotive experience necessary

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