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Increase Your Wealth by Helping Kids

Work in the high-return industry
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Are you concerned about the state of today's education system?

You're not alone. Plenty of parents and educators are actively looking for a way to give their children and students an "edge up". You can help them by offering services in the comfort of their home, it's that easy! Join the huge demand, hot growth industry of one-on-one tutoring.

One-on-one tutoring has exploded into a billion-dollar a year industry that annually serves over 2 million children across North America.

As a Tutor Doctor franchise owner, you'll enjoy high profit margins while helping kids. Over the past three years, consumer spending on tutoring has increased 7-10% each year.

This is your opportunity to provide a much-needed service and change the lives of children in your community!

The Tutor Doctor business model is based on a Proven System.

Tutor Doctor franchise owners operate this highly profitable, white collar, home-based business by utilizing a network of virtual tutors. Benefit from our successful one-on-one tutoring model that eliminates the need for high overhead costs associated with a traditional brick and mortar business.

A background or degree in sales or education is not required, only a willingness to learn the Tutor Doctor system and a desire to make a difference in the lives of kids.

  • The majority of Tutor Doctor students see a 10-20% rise in their marks within the first 6 months!
  • Over 70% of customers purchase Tutor Doctor's services after their free, in-home assessment!

Every child can learn, given the right structure and motivators. Tutor Doctor's motto is: "Work smarter, become smarter!"

Tutor Doctor provides affordable, one-on-one supplementary education across North America.

  • Custom-tailored educational programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of children at all grade levels through online and one-on-one tutoring.

Tutor Doctor has been helping students for over 10 years.

  • Tutor Doctor's programs offer affordable one-on-one, in-home tutoring for students. Other tutoring services utilize a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio; we feel that children shouldn't have to wait to learn. Our one-on-one sessions guarantee every student personalized attention.

Tutor Doctor's curriculum has been designed by education experts.

  • Our curricula are based on foundational learning, filling in the missing conceptual gaps that are hindering a child's success. We then consolidate current expectations and help them move ahead of their requirements.

Tutor Doctor believes in building a strong academic foundation to help students succeed.

  • The Tutor Doctor methodology and programs are custom-tailored to bring out the best in our students by capitalizing on their strengths. We initially diagnose their abilities and challenges, and then use this data to help them learn with focus and confidence. All students learn differently; Tutor Doctor's programs are designed to suit each individual's needs. Tutor Doctor specializes in Math, Calculus, Science, French, Chemistry, English, Physics, Algebra and Biology.

Tutor Doctor provides all the necessary training and software for franchisee success.

  • Tutor Doctor franchisees benefit from the use of "The Big Apple", a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) software system that assists with the ongoing coordination and management of the tutors. "The Big Apple" streamlines the client relationship process to increase the system's profitability.

Learning shouldn't be a chore -
Tutor Doctor makes it fun and rewarding!

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